From the Archives…

Rena went into the rabbit hole of the archives and retrieved something rather topical.

In getting ready for appointment-free browsing starting May 3, Rena & Alyssa have been moving some things out of public spaces that had become de facto storage during the past year. In the course of doing that, this blast from the past turned up:

Statistics for February 1922 showing total circulation for the month of 4 juvenile non-fiction, 39 adult fiction, and 20 juvenile fiction items. Cursive comment reads 'Closed because of scarlet fever'.
Maxwell’s Record of Books Borrowed for February 1922

We are in the process of going through our old records and found this! 99 years ago, February 1922, we were closed due to scarlet fever. While it was only for a month, Covid was not the first time we were closed for health concerns.

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