Art exhibit: Katie Deakin

Wonderful Wildlife:
Acrylics by Katie Deakin

October 1 through 28, 2021

Sponsored by the Friends of Maxwell Memorial Library

Katie Deakin’s art exhibit Wonderful Wildlife showcases a series of portraits, ranging from endangered and exotic to backyard wildlife. Using acrylic paints, she celebrates the beautiful creatures we share this planet with and hopefully gives pause for thought on how we can all do our part, big or small, to ensure their (and our) survival on a cleaner Earth.

Katie moved to the USA from Stoke-on-Trent in England in 2007 and has called Camillus home ever since. She is married, a mother of two middle schoolers, and has a Shih Tzu named Bubba. As a nature enthusiast, Katie loves to grow a garden that is not only pretty to look at but also attracts and helps birds, bees, and butterflies. During the summer months she raises Monarch butterflies to help increase their population numbers, which have been dropping off over the years.

She recently took her hobby of painting and turned it into a small business: KTs Custom Art. As well as canvases, Katie makes hand-painted cards, bookmarks, prints and wall plaques, to name but a few, and takes part in local art pop-ups and festivals. For details on upcoming events, follow Katie on Instagram, or on Facebook at KTs Custom Art.

Image credits:
Moonlit Barn Owl by Katie Deakin