I’ve Come to Look for America

Using Digital Libraries on the Internet to Explore American Culture

Maxwell’s Tech Program for Thursday, July 27, 2017

In the 1960s we hopped on our motorcycles and rode from town to town, following hints and rumors that promised interesting information or events that would help us find …

In the early days of the Web we surfed from site to site, following links that promised interesting side information from one page to the next in search of …

In this month’s tech program we’ll see what some of the country’s cultural institutions make available on the Internet. Digital collections allow museums, galleries, archives, libraries, and similar organizations to share rare or unique items with the world. These items can be historical photos or other works of static visual art, film clips, maps, music scores, manuscripts, pamphlets, books, and more.
Join us as we surf around in the digital collections of some of the US’s cultural institutions in a search for America.