Tax form update

Forms and instructions the library has available
Tax forms and instructions

We currently have the following forms and instructions:

  • Federal:
    • 1040
    • 1040-SR
    • Schedules 1, 2, 3, and LP
  • Update: We now have state forms as well:
    • IT-201
    • IT-201 Instruction book
    • IT-201-ATT
    • IT-2
    • IT-195
    • IT-196
    • IT-196 Instruction book
    • IT-1099-R

[Updated February 16, 2021]

You can also request other tax forms, and we can print them out, but normal printing charges (25¢ per printed side) apply. Send an email to telling us the precise form numbers for the forms you need. Legal liability issues prevent us from guessing which form is wanted in cases of ambiguity.