Tax Time: Updated 3/14/2022

Update: We now have federal and state tax forms

The library has a limited selection of State and Federal tax forms available for free.

We currently have:

  • Federal Form 1040 and its instructions
  • State forms:
    • IT-201 & instructions
    • IT-201-ATT
    • IT-201-V
    • IT-2
    • IT-195
    • IT-196 & instructions
    • IT-213 & instructions
    • IT-214 & instructions
    • IT-215 & instructions
    • IT-216 & instructions
    • IT-225 & instructions
    • IT-227
    • IT-229 & instructions
    • IT-272 & instructions
    • IT-558 & instructions
    • IT-1099-R

Many forms are now available only online. Those forms may be printed from the library’s public computers at our usual printing charges of 25¢ per side B&W, 50¢ per side color.

Unfortunately, there is no tax preparation assistance available at Maxwell.

Here are links for more information and for forms (links will open in new tabs):

To go directly to a page with the most commonly used State forms and instructions, go to:

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Tax by 401(K) 2012
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