Wondering What to Do With Your Eclipse Glasses?

Maxwell and other OCPL libraries are collecting eclipse glasses to donate to South American schools for the October 2 eclipse.

You can bring them back to Maxwell!

On October 2, 2024 there’s going to be an annular eclipse in South America’s Southern Cone (mostly in Chile and Argentina). Astronauts Without Borders and Eclipse Glasses USA are collecting eclipse glasses that are still usable to distribute in schools in the path of that eclipse.

Maxwell and other OCPL libraries will collect glasses, and OCPL will forward them on to one of the organizations that will distribute them in South American schools.

To be usable glasses must have no scratches, punctures, tears or any other damage that might compromise their protective quality.

In an annular eclipse the entire moon fits over the sun but the outer edge of the sun is still visible as a ring or annulus.